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RFM700 Refractometer

Based on the eary RFM340 the RFM700 series refractometers offer extremely reliable performance in any environment so are ideal for the use in the factory or laboratory.



Brix Scale as Standard

Easy to Clean sapphire prism

Graphic detailed push button control - no language issuses!


RFM 300 + Refractometer

RFM300+ series refractometers are considered by many leading companies as the ultimate instrument for installation in demanding factory environments as well as for use as a primary quality control tool


Brix/Ri & multiple Scales NEW HIGH ACCURACY

Rapid Peltier temperature control

Multi-language display with MODE and METHODS


RFM900 Series Refractometer

RFM900 Refractometer with Peltier Temperature Control for Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Other Applications Requiring a Wide Measuring Range.

OPTi Digital Hand Held Refractometer


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