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We have accounts with over 1000 manufacturers, wholesalers and agents some of whom we have been working with for over 60 years helping our clients

from throughout the world source instruments, labware, accessories

and spares.


Our depth of knowledge, expertise and experience are at your disposal to help you source whatever labware items you require quickly and efficiently.


Popular manufacturers we work with include Astell Scientific, BDH Chemicals, Bellingham & Stanley, Bibby Scientic, Carbolite Furnaces, Cecil Instruments, Centurion Scientific, Comark Instruments, Electrothermal Engineering, Endecotts, Day Impex, Glen Creston, Grant Instruments, Hamilton Labware, Lenton Furnaces, Lovibond, Essex Kilns, Jenway, LEC, LEEC, MSE UK, Poulten & Graf, Stuart Scientific, Tintometer, Sheen Instruments, Sherwood Scientific, Techne Instruments, Tintometer, WPA Biochrom, Wallace Instruments, GH Zeal,

Fisher and VWR, Sterilin, Julabo, Hermle, Hettich, Stanhope Seta, Murray, Mini Instruments, LTE, IKA, Herbert Arnold, Geissler, Heathway, Hach, Emitec, Endecotts, ELE, Thermo Electron, Purite, Fistreem, Ley Rubber, Jencons, Youngs Scientific, GCC, Kane, Sterilin  and many, many more.